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How to Live Better and Healthy Life 2024

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How to Live Better and Healthy Life in 2024,   adhere to these seven scientific guidelines.

New year has arrived. The old calendar has been replaced by the new one. With the change of day, have the ‘old’ you become a little ‘new’? About 30 out of every 100 people in the world make some goals or plans in advance for the New Year. But only 17 to 45 percent stick to that goal until the first month of the year, then give up for some reason. Most of those who survive the initial shock, stop by the middle of the year. However, Americans are way ahead of the rest when it comes to planning and organizing their lives at the beginning of the year. A study by YouGov, a UK-based international Internet-based market research and data analysis organization, says that 84 percent of US citizens who set new plans at the beginning of the year in 2023 are quite successful! If you want, you can be successful in this field like the Americans, you can organize your life, if you follow these 7 special ways.

How to Live Better and Healthy Life 2024

Sleep will be regular and long

The first thing you should do in the new year is to establish a proper and adequate sleep routine. At the beginning of the year, winter prevails in the Northern Hemisphere. Like the United States, Canada or European countries, our Bangladesh is also located in the northern hemisphere. Research suggests that it is better to get as much sleep as possible in winter. Try to sleep as much as you can in winter too. According to a German study, people in the Northern Hemisphere sleep an average of one hour more in December than in June every year. Now the question is, how to get a little more sleep in the daily busy schedule? The simple solution is to go to bed as early as possible at night. Avoid exposure to bright light at least two hours before bedtime. It is best not to touch the smartphone after evening. The bright light of the smartphone will prevent your eyes from falling asleep. Going to bed early every night and getting a little more sleep will help you get healthier faster. Remember, health is the root of all happiness.

Take care of the body

In the beginning of the year we have winter in our country. Body can feel discomfort whenever in winter. In straight Bengali it is called body massaging. To get rid of this, you can do things like massaging your feet, dancing or tapping your fingers. These actions are done subconsciously. Even so, these small actions help our body to burn calories and reduce mental stress to stay healthy.

In the winter afternoon, you can go out and do some exercise. It will keep your heart healthy, increase immunity and lose weight by shedding fat. You can go to a park or a field and walk backwards or in the opposite direction. It is also a form of exercise. Walking backwards burns more calories and strengthens the back muscles. Along with this, knee joint pain is relieved, hamstrings are flexible and the brain is strong.

Skin also needs special care. Applying moisturizer lotion or sunscreen does not dry the skin easily in winter. It will keep the skin taut and make you look younger.

Keep your mind fresh

Learn to enjoy the little moments in life. For example, a walk in the afternoon, a sudden presence of a stranger on the way or a sip of a cup of steaming tea in the twilight – everything can be enjoyed if desired. Enjoying the little things every day will make you happier, more energetic. You will find the meaning of life easily. You can master some new ‘skills’. All these will keep your mind calm and refreshed.

How to Live Better and Healthy Life 2024

Strengthen relationships

It’s good to have friends. Good friends can bring good things in your life. Good and healthy friendships can also play a role in keeping our immune system strong in busy lives. A lot can be learned by keeping up with friends. If a friend has a good side, it can easily develop in you. But take anything good. Never condone anything bad. Apart from this, the presence of good people around has a good effect on our behavior. But don’t make a mistake in choosing the right friend. A wrong decision can cause a big danger in your beautiful life.

Watch what you eat, how much you eat

During the month of December-January, various kinds of festivals are held. Especially it is the wedding season. Various kinds of food are prepared in these events. Willingly or unwillingly one has to eat it more or less. However, if you eat these foods carefully, you can maintain good health. Whenever you eat any food, make sure that it has balanced nutrition. Steer clear of junk food whenever you can. Junk food is very harmful for our body.

Make sure that there are more vegetables in the diet. So it is not only green vegetables that you should eat. Keep all colorful fruits in the list along with vegetables. These balanced foods will keep your brain fresh and protect you from heart disease as well.

It is good to have a habit of drinking coffee. continue Research shows that those who drink coffee regularly are much safer from the risk of cancer and heart disease. So don’t overeat.

Keep fit

If you go outside and exercise, you will get strength in your body. Mental health will also be good. Practice walking an average of 5,000 steps a day. Even walking can keep the body in shape. If you have a chance, you can also ride a bicycle. Or you can sweat and stay fit by going to the gym. But in order to stay fit, apart from sweating it out in the gym, you need a balanced diet.

Make time for hobbies

If you get free time, you can use it by doing hobbies. Practicing a hobby can relieve fatigue or boredom. You can easily get addicted to your mobile phone during your free time in winter. Take care not to get addicted. Any addiction is a serious threat to mental health.

Resuming old hobbies will calm your mind, increase creativity and ease boredom. Nobel laureate scientists spend three times more time on their hobbies than the average person. Hobbies can be spent by listening to music, painting or writing. It is best to make a habit of reading books.

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