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Olive oil for hair benefits

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Olive oil for hair care, the use of oil in hair care has been in vogue since ancient times. One of the oils that can play a beneficial role for hair is olive oil. The combination of olive oil in skin and hair care. This article discusses the benefits of olive oil for hair. Also read the article till the end to know how to use olive oil for healthy and strong hair.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair Growth

In healthy people, hair grows 0.35 mm per day (1 cm per month). Internal nutrients are required for normal hair growth. That is, there is a need to consume nutritious food. Also applying the oil externally to the scalp and hair can be helpful.

Apart from hair growth, some other benefits of using olive oil for scalp and hair are summarized below.

Reduces hair loss

According to the normal rules of the body, a maximum of 100 hairs can fall from the head every day. There is no shortage of hair on the head because new hair grows constantly. However, baldness occurs in those who have excessive hair loss.

Olive oil for hair benefits

The use of olive oil plays a helpful role in reducing excess hair fall. Olive oil should be massaged well on the scalp to prevent excess hair fall.

Removes roughness of hair

Dry weather, dust, intense sun, frequent use of shampoo, drying hair with hair dryer, giving heat to hair, coloring hair using chemical ingredients etc. cause hair damage and hair can become rough.

The moisturizing effect of olive oil helps in removing roughness from the hair.

Removes dandruff

Dandruff is a very common problem that can lead to hair loss. Dandruff also causes an itchy scalp which is very annoying.

Use of olive oil acts as a remedy for dandruff. Use of olive oil removes the roughness of the scalp and prevents bacterial and fungal infections. (Lambert, 2023)

Can be used for skin diseases

A variety of skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis are seen on the scalp. Olive oil can be used in these cases as per the advice of the dermatologist. Olive oil can play a beneficial role in treating the symptoms of skin diseases.

How to use olive oil for healthy and strong hair

In hair care, olive oil can be used directly on the scalp and hair. Again if you want you can add coconut oil or castor oil to olive oil which will bring more benefits for hair.

Olive oil can be used at night. But if you don’t like too oily feeling, you should use oil on your head before showering.

Adding a small amount of lemon juice to olive oil gives good results to remove dandruff.

Also for hair care, olive oil can be mixed with various ingredients to make a hair pack and used on the head.

Olive oil and eggs

For healthy and strong hair, mixing olive oil and egg white together and making a hair pack on the head gives good results.

Olive oil for hair benefits

How to use: Mix 1/2 egg white with enough olive oil. Now rub the mixture well on the scalp and hair. Wash your head after 30 minutes

Olive oil and honey

Mixing honey with olive oil is beneficial for removing roughness of hair and treating split ends. Also, cinnamon powder mixed with olive oil and honey prevents excess hair fall and promotes hair growth.

How to use: Mix equal amount of olive oil and honey (can add cinnamon powder if it is easily available). Apply the mixture on the scalp and hair and wash off after 20 minutes.

Neem leaves, Tulsi, Olive oil

Collect a handful of neem leaves and tulsi leaves and wash them. Now grind them to a paste and mix it with olive oil (in quantity). Apply the mixture on the scalp and hair and wash off after 30 minutes.

Applying this mixture on the scalp removes dandruff, strengthens the roots and makes the hair healthy.

Ripe bananas and olive oil

Peel a ripe banana and grind it to make a paste. Now mix banana paste with olive oil. Apply the mixture to your scalp and hair after that. Wash the head after 30 minutes.

Using a mixture of ripe banana and olive oil removes roughness and strengthens hair.

Olive oil for pre- and post-hair growth

Achieving luscious locks is a desire shared by many, and olive oil emerges as a natural elixir for promoting hair growth. Before delving into the transformation, let’s explore the science behind this golden remedy. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins E and A, which nourish the scalp, strengthen hair strands, and prevent breakage. When it comes to hair growth, the ‘before’ phase involves applying warm olive oil to the scalp and massaging it gently. This not only improves blood circulation but also penetrates the hair shaft, moisturizing and strengthening it from within. The ‘after’ phase, however, unveils the true magic.

Olive oil

Regular use of olive oil results in a noticeable difference in hair texture, making it smoother, shinier, and more resilient. The nourishing properties of olive oil create an optimal environment for hair follicles, promoting healthier, faster growth. So, if you’re looking to transform your tresses, consider incorporating olive oil into your hair care routine for a before-and-after that speaks volumes about natural beauty and vitality.

Olive oil for hair benefits

Disadvantages of olive oil on hair

While olive oil is celebrated for its numerous benefits for hair, it’s crucial to acknowledge that excessive use or improper application can lead to certain disadvantages. One notable drawback is the potential for oiliness and greasiness. Applying too much olive oil, especially for individuals with naturally oily scalps, may leave the hair feeling heavy and attract dust and pollutants. Additionally, using olive oil on dry hair without proper cleansing can result in a build-up that is challenging to remove, diminishing the hair’s natural luster. Another consideration is the risk of staining. Olive oil’s rich color can temporarily tint light-colored hair, causing an unintended hue that might be difficult to reverse. Striking the right balance and adopting a cautious approach in using olive oil can help harness its benefits without succumbing to these potential drawbacks.

Can olive oil repair damaged hair?

Olive oil has long been celebrated for its multifaceted benefits, extending beyond the realms of culinary excellence to the domain of hair care. Under the spotlight today is the intriguing question: Can olive oil repair damaged hair? The answer, unequivocally, is a resounding yes. Packed with essential nutrients such as vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids, olive oil becomes a potent elixir for revitalizing damaged locks. Its moisturizing properties penetrate the hair shaft, restoring lost moisture and preventing further breakage.


The abundance of antioxidants aids in repairing oxidative damage, while vitamin E promotes a healthy scalp, fostering an environment conducive to hair growth. Whether your hair has succumbed to the perils of excessive styling, environmental stressors, or chemical treatments, olive oil emerges as a natural remedy that not only mends but also strengthens, leaving you with luscious, rejuvenated tresses. Incorporating olive oil into your hair care routine is a commitment to nurturing your locks back to health, embracing the ancient wisdom that nature’s bounty holds the key to restoring the vitality of your hair.

Last word

Olive oil can play a beneficial role in keeping the scalp and hair healthy. Olive oil is suitable for any type of hair. So you can think about using olive oil for hair care.

Olive oil tends to be relatively expensive. So you can mix coconut oil (available) with olive oil. Always look for good brands and try to buy pure oil.

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