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Best 7 tips Baby Skin Care

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Baby Skin Care , Children’s skin is more sensitive than adults, that is, changes in weather and environmental effects can easily cause various skin problems. And so special care needs to be taken to protect children’s skin.

In this writing, we will talk about a total of 7 tips, including what to do if your baby’s screen is dry, how long exposure to the sun is harmful to the baby’s skin, whether to bathe daily, how to take care of nails and navel etc. Also at the end of the article are some tips to take special care of baby skin during winter.

Keep baby away from excessive sun heat

Babies need to be exposed to the sun and therefore doctors advise that children should be exposed to the sun. But when and how long to expose your baby to the sun is an important question. For the production of vitamin D in the body of the child, it should be exposed to the sun for some time (20 to 30 minutes) at the beginning of the day. Because vitamin D helps in body structure, growth and immune system.

Baby Skin Care

Also, in case of Neonatal Jaundice, sunbathing is indicated as the most effective treatment. Jaundice is a disease in which the amount of bilirubin in the blood is higher than normal. And during the jaundice of children, by sunbathing, the bilirubin in the blood is broken down and excreted from the body through the intestines.


While sunbathing, the child’s body should be kept uncovered as much as possible and no sunscreens can be used at this time because it will not get any benefit from sunlight. Even children under 6 months of age are prohibited from applying sunscreen on their skin. Sunbathing can cause sweating, which removes a lot of water from the body. In this case, the baby should be fed milk or water before sun exposure so that the baby does not become dehydrated.

Either to obtain vitamin D or to treat jaundice, the child should never be exposed to strong sunlight. Because strong sun such as from 10 am to 4 pm with sunlight emits ultra violet rays. And this ray is very harmful to the skin which can cause cancer.


Children should not be allowed to play in the sun for long periods of time unless necessary. If necessary, before going out, dress in such a way that most of the body is covered. It is better to wear white color clothes to avoid excess sun and heat because white color can reflect the sun rays. That is, the body does not get too much sun or heat.

The child’s head should not sweat excessively

Care should be taken that the child’s head does not sweat due to being in the sun or wearing a hat for a long time. If the skin is wet as a result of excessive sweating on the head, it can lead to various types of skin diseases or fungal infections on the scalp. While staying in the sun, wear such a cap/hat that it does not stick to the head too tightly.

Children should also use regular shampoo to keep their hair clean. But in this case, adult shampoos cannot be used, instead, specially formulated shampoos for children should be used in the market.


In many children, it is observed that the fever occurs at night and after the fever subsides, sweats occur especially on the head, often causing the pillow to become wet. If such a situation occurs, a doctor should be consulted to diagnose the cause of the fever and take appropriate treatment. In addition to fever, other diseases can cause excessive sweating in children. For example:

  • Heart defects
  • Hormonal problems
  • Lung disease
  • Infection etc.

It should be noted that all these diseases should not be alarmed if there is sweat on the head. Children can already sweat due to the temperature. However, if the child’s head sweats abnormally at a normal temperature and without fever, then the doctor should be consulted.

Check if the baby has dry skin

If the baby’s skin is excessively dry or flaky, it becomes a cause of concern for any parent. However, this is considered normal after birth for many babies and may resolve later. (Fletcher, 2020) The advice of doctors on which type of moisturizer is best to use for baby’s skin is the ingredients obtained from natural sources such as olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, mustard oil etc.

Baby Skin Care

Many people think that application of mustard oil on the body of children may cause skin darkening, which is a complete misconception. However, most of the mustard oil available in the market contains harmful and adulterated ingredients that can cause problems for the skin. And so it is important to make sure that the mustard oil you use is pure.


In addition to oil, various moisturizing creams, lotions, petroleum jelly or glycerin can be used for baby skin care. However, if creams and lotions contain harmful chemical ingredients such as Sulphates, Parabens, Phthalates, Triclosan, Triethanolamine, Retinol, Lead, Hydroquinone, etc., avoid them. In case of using glycerin, instead of taking glycerin directly, mix some water or olive oil with glycerin.

Bathe the baby properly according to the rules

A very young baby does not need to be bathed every day but three days a week is enough. Some special instructions for bathing a baby are:

  • It is best to use lukewarm water (100°F).
  • It is best to use baby soap and shampoo.
  • Take care to avoid getting soap in your eyes.
  • Bath should be completed within 5 to maximum 10 minutes
  • After bathing, wipe the whole body thoroughly with a clean and soft towel
  • Diapers and necessary clothing should be applied after drying the body

Children who play on the ground should be bathed daily. Because that will remove the dirt from the child’s body and reduce the possibility of germs infection.

Note which cosmetics the child is allergic to and stop using them

According to the normal process of the body, the immune system (Immune system) creates an abnormal reaction when it senses the presence of any harmful material outside or inside the body, which is called allergy. If an allergy occurs as a result of the use of a cosmetic, it should be understood that the ingredient contains something harmful, resulting in an abnormal reaction in the body. (Alli, 2020) Avoid using such cosmetics. If the following symptoms appear after using cosmetics on your child’s body, it should be understood that there is an allergy. For example:

  • Rashes
  • Redness of the skin
  • Spots spots
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Blisters etc.

It should be noted that many times the part of the body’s immune system that causes allergies (IgE, Immunoglobulin E) increases abnormally, then it can cause allergies to little things. And in such a situation, i.e. if there is frequent allergy under the influence of different foods, dust, cold weather, etc., the doctor should be consulted. In this case, by looking at the amount of IgE through blood test, it is possible to get rid of excess allergy by taking treatment accordingly.

Observe how the baby’s nails are growing

Young children’s nails grow faster than adults. If the nails grow and become sharp, then the child’s body can be scratched in different places. Again, many children tend to suck with their fingers in the mouth, where if the nails are big, the skin in the mouth can tear (Abrasion). And so children’s nails should always be watched and cut when they grow. Babies usually need to be trimmed once a week and it is safest to do it when the baby is sleeping.

Children who play sports and can eat by themselves should also take care of their nails. Because if the nails are big, dirt and germs are stuck in them, which go into the stomach while eating. Usually all the germs (parasites) that enter the stomach through the nails result in a worm infection.

Bad habit

Many children have a bad habit of biting their nails with their teeth. This is an unhealthy thing that can lead to stomach ailments along with tooth and gum infections as well as nail deformities. And so take care that your child does not get used to this unhealthy activity.

Take care not to get rash in excess heat

Rashes can occur in different parts of the child’s body due to the effect of excess heat, especially under the throat, armpits, armpits, etc., there is a high probability of rashes. (Stöppler, 2023) In case of rash, many people use talcum powder which is not healthy. Because talcum powder contains a chemical called talc which can have serious harmful effects on the baby’s skin.


In this case, the safest ingredient is to use coconut oil or olive oil which helps prevent fungus. And the rash is usually caused by a fungal infection. However, if the rash has been present for a long time, a pediatrician or dermatologist should be consulted.

A rash is as painful for the baby as it is worrying for the baby’s mother. And therefore, preventive measures should be taken to prevent rash.

For example:

Care must be taken when wearing and changing diapers. After urinating in the toilet, wet diapers should be changed quickly without leaving them on for a long time. And you can’t always keep diapers on but sometimes you have to keep them without diapers

Bath should be done regularly and after bathing wipe all parts of the body so that there is no wetness anywhere

Care should be taken that the environment of the bed and the room is not moist and damp

After washing baby’s clothes, they should be dried well. Because wearing wet clothes can cause fungal infection.

Final Thoughts:

An important part of the baby’s body is the skin for which special care should be taken. Herbs or herbal ingredients should not be used out of ignorance or superstition in any complex skin problem. Because it can make the problem more complicated and therefore take the advice of a dermatologist to get proper solution for any skin problem.

Note: I’m not a doctor. Just I gather knowledge from trusted sources, please when you take any decisions, must consult your nearby doctor or child specialist. 

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